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Week beginning 25th January

Week beginning 25th January

This week we have spent some more time designing our castles, thinking now about the best materials to use for each feature. (Thank you to those of you have bought in junk modelling; it is much appreciated and will be put to very good use!)

We’re excited to start making our castles at the end of the week!

In science we have been sharing and showing off our knowledge about plants and trees, whilst in RE we have been thinking about the qualities of a good friend and learning about Jesus’ friends; his disciples.

In English we have been continuing our innovation of ‘Billy the Brave Knight’. Our focus this week has been on alliteration. One example we came up with as a class was ‘Drew the dreadful dragon’. Can you think of a name and an adjective for a goblin, keeping alliteration in mind?

In maths this week we are learning the order of the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons. Some of us are already quite familiar with this, but it’s a good recap and it is helping us remember how to spell the words as well as remember their order. For any children who do sometimes get them a little muddled, here are some songs to help you remember the order of the days of the week:

And the months of the year:

Enjoy! 🙂


A month in the life of the Starfish and Seahorses

A month in the life of the Starfish and Seahorses

Wow, can you believe that we are not far off completing our first month in Year 1! Where has that month gone?! For us it has really flown by because we have been so busy and have been having so much fun!

We’re really lucky to have two different topics of learning this term: food and the seaside. The year began with a big focus on food, with us getting involved in lots of different food related activities in our Busy Time: from food ‘Snap’, to ordering food by size, and even printing with food. We also combined our two topics by making pictures of food from the seaside, using different types of pasta as collage materials.

This week we will be focusing on our seaside topic a little more, with our trip to the beach as a big focal point, which we’re very excited about!

Of course we have been learning lots in maths and english too: hopefully we’ve been showing you at home how great we are with our counting and reading numbers and number words, and have given a few performances of our Tiddler story!? If not, make sure you ask us to, because we’re fab! 🙂

Sports day prep!

Sports day prep!

We have been busy practising for sports day tomorrow. We’re very excited about people coming to watch us. 🙂 Please remember you can come and watch between 9.15 – 11.45 and between 1.30 – 3.00. Please also remember we will need our full PE kit, including plimsoles or trainers. We look forward to seeing some of you there. 🙂


This term

This term

Welcome back for another term. Can you believe that we are back for our 6th and final term of the year?! And, as always, it’s going to be a busy one, fitting in Sports Day (Wednesday 10th June), Spanish Arts Day (Tuesday 23rd June), our school trip (Friday 26th June), and Aspirations Day (Thursday 9th July), to name but a few special events, alongside the rest of our learning.

This term in literacy we are returning to journey stories, which was our first fiction topic in Year 1. We will be learning a story about a duck who got his truck stuck in some mud, and then making our own changes to the story, to make it fit with our topic this term, which is ‘Around the World’. Our non-fiction topic for this term will be recounts, which will link nicely to our class trip.

In maths we are continuing to recap skills taught earlier in the year, such as time and money. We are also waiting for the weather to warm up so we can get outside with the water trays, to learn about capacity.

In keeping with our Around the World topic, our geography and art each week will relate to different continents. We will be thinking about similarities and differences in weather, animals, food and traditions (amongst other things) between the continents.

In RE we are continuing to learn about Christianity, with our focus this term on stories that Jesus told.

In computing we will be collecting, rearranging and saving pictures and photographs from the internet.

In history we will be learning about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Our PE this term is athletics, so fingers crossed for nice weather so we can have all our lessons outside. 🙂

Finger puppet superheroes

Finger puppet superheroes

This week we made our own superhero finger puppets.

IMG_0535            IMG_0538

IMG_0539          IMG_0540


Here we are practising our running stitch.

It was a little tricky, as you might be able to tell from the concentration on our faces! But the final result was worth it!


Once we’d finished sewing our finger puppets we decorated them with eyes, a sequined cape, and, of course, a pair of superhero underpants!

IMG_0545     IMG_0548


And then we flew them across our cityscape. Whoooosh. Off they go!

VE Day

VE Day

IMG_0481IMG_0485 IMG_0489

Didn’t we all look fantastic, celebrating VE Day on Friday! 🙂 Along with dressing up, we had a special assembly in the morning, during which Mrs Tait spoke to us about VE Day and why we celebrate it, and we continued this learning in the afternoon, when we watched videos and listened to stories all about the history of VE Day. We also painted our own Union Jack bunting for the celebrations. 🙂

IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0508

The term so far

The term so far

Well, we are already 2 weeks into this term, and have less than 3 to go! This term is flying by (much like Charlie’s superhero underpants in the story that we are learning in literacy!)!

So far this term we have learnt ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ and had a good look at features within the story, such as the use of exclamation marks and speech marks, and we know the importance now of remembering capital letters for names and places! This week we are writing the story ourselves, remembering all of those special features, but also putting our own twist on the story, changing small details, characters and events within it.

In maths this term we are re-capping a lot of things we have focused on earlier in the year, such as time and 2D and 3D shapes. This week we will be spending a bit more time on addition, subtraction, number bonds and their related subtraction facts.

We started this term’s science with a focus on Spring, which we will return to again at the end of the term, to observe the changes that may have taken place in just 5 short weeks. In the meantime we are testing materials, to see which are the most appropriate for certain jobs.

Our focus in RE this term continues to be Christianity and stories that Jesus told, as well as the importance of the church and Christian symbols.

In computing we are working in groups to make our very own audiobook of Charlie’s Superhero Underpants. We have been practising telling the story with lots of expression and will soon be adding sound effects!

In history we are thinking about technology and how it has changed and developed over time. Who would have realised that computers and smartphones haven’t always existed!? We are also thinking about how these new technologies have helped us communicate with others.

In addition, this week we have the playground sale on Wednesday afternoon, to raise money for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. Please do come along and show your support. Year 1 will be in charge of the setting up the jewellery stall. Thursday, of course, is the general election, and just like many of you, the children will be voting. However, the children of Sandgate Primary School will be voting for a particular class within the school, based on their manifestos. We have been enjoying some party political broadcasts in the hall at lunchtimes. And finally, on Friday we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of VE Day, with a day of dressing up and listening to stories about VE Day. It is set to be another busy, fun-packed week. 🙂