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Geography Enrichment 3: Lunging for Litter!

Geography Enrichment 3: Lunging for Litter!

Last week marked our 3rd Geography Enrichment of the academic year. Themed around the concept of looking after our environment and the shared responsibilities we all hold, Sandgate Primary School was ‘Lunging for Litter’ in order to do our part for the planet!

As well as Geocaching with other year groups (a fantastic and exciting way for children to demonstrate their Friendship values), we were lucky to have visiting speakers from ActionAid, Greenpeace and ‘Save the Bees’ throughout the week; each talk discussed a different aspect of doing our part to care for our environment, both locally and globally.

Thank you to all children for their continued enthusiasm to care for our home.

Keep on lunging,

Mr. Goodeal

Geography Enrichment Day 2

Geography Enrichment Day 2


Today marked the second Geography Enrichment Day of the year; once again, we had a truly enriching day dedicated to the study of ‘Earth Writing’.
Based around the notion of cultural heritage, Sandgate Primary School spent the day unpicking the question of ‘Who do you think you are?’ This involved the use of digital map games, scratching off our very own class map of the world, comparing the Human & Physical Geographies of countries, and presenting our very own family trees and shields.

A particular highlight has to be our global visitors who came in to speak to us and answer all of our geographical questions! We heard from international sixth form students from Earlscliffe College (representing a wide variety of countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong), as well as our visiting parents who presented to the class.

Thank you for an amazing Geography Day!

Shanghai Day – Term 1

Shanghai Day – Term 1
The last Wednesday of Term One marked the first Geography Enrichment Day of the year; it was a truly memorable experience with all children showing great enthusiasm for the subject of ‘Earth Writing’ (Geo = Greek for ‘Earth’; Graph = Greek for ‘writing’).
Based around the most populated city in the world, the day focused on the Human and Physical Geography of Shanghai. A particular highlight has to be the whole school conducting morning stretches in unison, as well as standing to attention whilst the National Anthem played and the Union Flag was raised.
The custom of raising the flag and having school-wide stretches takes part in all Chinese schools, usually commencing at 7:30am!
Well done to all children for their continued enthusiasm for Geography! The next Geography Enrichment Day will be on 8th February 2018 based on the theme, ‘Who do you [Geographically] think you are?’
​I hope you are all looking forward to it,
Mr. Goodeal​

The Electricity Show!

The Electricity Show!

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Today the school had a visit form the Kinetic Theatre who performed ‘The Electricity Show’. During the performance the children were made to consider: the ways which we use electricity; electrical safety and a simple series circuit, consisting of a cell, wires, a switch and a lamp.

The panto style performance also saw two of our most handsome teachers getting married…

Cool Science at Sandgate Primary School

Cool Science at Sandgate Primary School

The outreach team from the School of Physical Sciences (SPS) at the University of Kent descended upon Sandgate Primary School to give an interactive Cool Chemistry session.

The children (including guests from Folkestone School for Girls and Stella Maris Primary School) helped to carry out experiments and test what happens to different materials after they are frozen in liquid nitrogen.

They also had the opportunity to touch freshly made vapour – now they can all say that they have had their heads in the clouds!

Derby Day – Saracens Vs. Quins – Wembley

Derby Day – Saracens Vs. Quins – Wembley


Saracens will play Harlequins at Wembley on Saturday 16th April 2016, kick-off 1515hrs . Saracens return to the iconic venue for the thirteenth time for an afternoon of high class Premiership Rugby and live spectacular entertainment from Foxes. A great day out that has always been well attended by our school community.

Saracens are our ‘local’ premiership rugby club an as part of this relationship we have the opportunity to raise money through a ticket cashback scheme for the grass roots game at our school. If you buy a ticket a proportion of this will be re-invested into our school team.

How To Book:
Go to

Click on the Group Bookings section then the big Red block “Buy Tickets” – this takes you through to the online booking page. Wait for the whole page to load including the seating map of the stadium.

1. First you need to enter your club/school Code by pressing the Enter offer code button (in blue writing below the adult/junior ticket selection with padlock at side) and type your code in the box that pops up.
a. Your code is SANDGATE
2. Next you select how many Adults tickets your require
3. Then select how many U16’s tickets you require
4. Click on ‘Find Tickets’ at the side of Adult Tickets selection
5. On the next screen enter the words/numbers or phrase in the ‘Security Check’ page
6. Continue to checkout, enter payment details and finalise order*



A visit from the Bishop of Dover

A visit from the Bishop of Dover

2015-12-03 10.37.05

Today the school had a visit from the Bishop of Dover. He joined us in assembly and helped us reflect on our school theme of ‘Homes and Homelessness’.

During the assembly the Bishop also shared with us a very interesting fact about the meaning of Bethlehem…

Did you Know:  Bethlehem means the “house of bread”! In Hebrew Beth-lehem is two words (‘Beth’ which means, “house of” and lehem which means “bread”).