A month in the life of the Starfish and Seahorses

A month in the life of the Starfish and Seahorses

Wow, can you believe that we are not far off completing our first month in Year 1! Where has that month gone?! For us it has really flown by because we have been so busy and have been having so much fun!

We’re really lucky to have two different topics of learning this term: food and the seaside. The year began with a big focus on food, with us getting involved in lots of different food related activities in our Busy Time: from food ‘Snap’, to ordering food by size, and even printing with food. We also combined our two topics by making pictures of food from the seaside, using different types of pasta as collage materials.

This week we will be focusing on our seaside topic a little more, with our trip to the beach as a big focal point, which we’re very excited about!

Of course we have been learning lots in maths and english too: hopefully we’ve been showing you at home how great we are with our counting and reading numbers and number words, and have given a few performances of our Tiddler story!? If not, make sure you ask us to, because we’re fab! 🙂

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