Castle crazy!

Castle crazy!

Today, Rabbits and Owls began the long-awaited task of building their castle models.

The focus for this afternoon was for the children to build the structure of their castles. We were so impressed with the children’s knowledge of the features of a castle. They were keen to make sure their castles had drawbridges, battlements or arrow loops (much to the dismay of Mrs Neale’s finger as she was in charge of the sharp scissors!)

We are looking forward to adding mod-roc and then them painting their creations.

The castles will be on display during our medieval banquet on the 22nd May – we hope you will be able to join us and the children in showcasing our learning this term.

Finally, a big thank you to those of your who have signed up to provide some food – we really appreciate it. The board will continue to be up next week, weather permitting, so there is still plenty of opportunity to contribute.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rabbits and Owls team.

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