Counting down…

Counting down…

Christmas play rehearsals are now under way!

Sorry, no sneak previews!!!

In our science lessons we learnt more about the properties of materials. We went on a hunt around the classroom looking for items with specific properties.

We learnt some new scientific words,  like the word opaque.

Can you remember what it means?


Is the ruler transparent or opaque?

Click here to go to the BBC Science Clips site to test some materials.

DSCF7799 DSCF7801 DSCF7804

In art we were colour mixing. We used primary colours to make secondary colours.

Then we looked at a colour wheel to see what can be made from a primary and a secondary colour.

Do you know what one of these is called? If not, find out here.



DSCF1215 DSCF1216


We are still enjoying our Yoga exercises every week. Stretch and curl!

Our Christmas performance day is approaching fast.

Counting down the days, they seem to be going very quickly!

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