Damian Collins Visits Sandgate Primary School

Damian Collins Visits Sandgate Primary School



Today the School had a visit from the Conservative candidate for Folkestone & Hythe, Damian Collins. His visit coincided with the launch of our democracy theme for this term. Mr Collins had tour of the school visiting the Foundation and Key Stage 1 Classes. He then attended a KS2 assembly on democracy where he was questioned on the role of a Member of Parliament and some of the challenges of the job. After the assembly Mr Collins faced a further tough interrogation from Year 3 and Year 6.

It would seem that a few of our children have been to the Jeremy Paxman school of interviewing… Brutal!


He was put through his paces in a Jeremy Paxman style question and answer session… He didn’t crack under the intense questioning and was very informative in discussing the role of a Member of Parliament. Mr Collins was even good enough to answer some of the more random questions that only children can come up with!

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