Today the children used their ‘TASC-ing’ problem solving skills to ‘Generate, Design and Make’ Christmas decorations for the classroom. They shared their ideas, looked at our available resources and began designing!!


DT DAY 012 We decided what to use.

We used a range of materials. DT DAY 014

DT DAY 016

We had to perservere and concentrate.

DT DAY 017 DT DAY 001‘We can sew!’ DT DAY 003  DT DAY 004DT DAY 005 DT DAY 007 DT DAY 008 DT DAY 009 DT DAY 010

We worked as a team, helping each other!

Tomorrow we will evaluate our designs and creations! We had so much fun and learnt a lot of new skills.

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  1. I was so impressed with how focused the children were! It was lovely to see them so involved.