Grand designs!

Grand designs!

Today Year 1 and the Foundation children worked collaboratively to build a house that would not get blown over if attacked by a vicious huffing, puffing wolf!

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The learning covered Year 1’s science focus of materials and their properties and Foundation’s Talk 4 Writing story, ‘The 3 Little Pigs.’


We used the TASC wheel to come up with ideas and to help us think about the most appropriate materials that could be used to build the houses.

The children worked brilliantly together to generate ideas, plan their houses and to then build them.

IMG_1815  IMG_1819 IMG_1821 IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1832 IMG_1839 IMG_1856 IMG_1863 IMG_1877   IMG_1884IMG_1885IMG_1886IMG_1888

The houses were then tested by the huffing, puffing wolf who had cunningly disguised himself as a hairdryer!

IMG_1910 IMG_1902

Great team work everyone, well done!

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