Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back Seahorses and Starfish, we hope you have all had a great break and a fantastic holiday with friends and family.
This term our new whole school topic is ‘Conflict’ and our class topic is ‘Castles.’
This week in History we will be learning about William the Conqueror and in our Science learning we will focus on the season of winter and the changes that have taken place for both plants and animals.
In Maths we will be ordering coins (from least value to the greatest value) and will be using combinations of coins to make amounts. For example: What coins could I use to make 13p?
Some great money games can be found by clicking this link here:


In English our main focus this week is poetry. We will start by creating a word bank of adjectives and similes that will then help us in our poetry writing.
We will share photos of our learning at the end of the week.

Have a great first week back everyone!

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