Howletts Zoo Trip

Howletts Zoo Trip

Yesterday Foundation and Year 1 began their ‘Creative Fortnight’ with a fantastic trip to Howletts Zoo!

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Our topic is Africa so it was brilliant to see so many African animals.

We used a map to find our way around the zoo.

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During the morning  we had a talk about Gorillas. Do you know what the difference between an ape and a monkey is?

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After our talk we went to see the elephants, they were pulling grass out of the ground with their trunks. We also saw a baby elephant feeding from it’s mother.

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Next we had lunch and played in the park. Sasha the Seahorse enjoyed eating her sandwiches too!

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After lunch we saw some more animals and looked a John Aspinall’s grave (the founder of Howletts zoo).

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Finally it was time to go home. We had an excellent time at the zoo and learnt a lot. This made us very tired!

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  1. Wow! What a great day! Which animal was your favourite? I would have loved to have seen the baby elephant!