Rockpooling fun!

Rockpooling fun!

Our morning beach visit was bathed in sunshine as we went searching for life in the rockpools!

We found a large number of interesting and different creatures. Some that the children had never seen before!

These included a Brittle Star and a Broad-Clawed Porcelain Crab!

DSCF7673 DSCF7681

A beautiful day for rockpooling.                                         We started off doing a bit of beach combing.

Rope or fishing line on the beach can injure and harm creatures that live and feed on the beach. If you are with an adult pick it up and put it in a bin with their permission. It is important you ask first as there may be hooks or engine oil on the lines or ropes.

DSCF7684 DSCF7687

Keep your balance!                                                                     Camouflage!


DSCF7690 DSCF7698

Limpets clinging on so they don’t get washed away or picked up!

DSCF7700 DSCF7712

What did we find???

We found many different things on the beach. Below is a link to a powerpoint of all of the creatures that we discovered.

beach finds powerpoint 15.10.14

We found 5 different species of crab, from what we’ve been told there might only be 6 there! 1 more to go!

The children had such a fun day and behaved brilliantly around the slippery and wet rock pools.

Well done everyone and many thanks to the parents who helped out!

Mr Langley and Miss Waggett.

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