Super salads!

Super salads!

Last week as part of our DT learning we disassembled, designed, made and evaluated a healthy salad!

We looked at some shop bought salads and looked at how many ingredients were in each one. We also commented on the names of the salads and whether they were accurate or not.

IMG_2547 IMG_3373 IMG_3377 IMG_2541 In the pictures here you can see us disassembling the salads to find out the quantities of each of the ingredients.

Once we had done this we designed, then made our own salads.

Below are some of our designs.

IMG_3466 IMG_3467 IMG_3468 IMG_3469

Here we are cutting up our ingredients for the salads.

IMG_3399 IMG_3404

IMG_3423 IMG_3425 IMG_3428 Mmmmmm, tasty salads!

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