The week ahead

The week ahead

Thank you very much to those of you who came to parents’ evening last week; it was great to have that time to talk to you all about your childrens’ progress and achievements.

We recieved some very useful feedback from the parents’ evening, one piece of which was that many children share very little information about their learning at home and some of you would like to know more about what they’re learning on a daily basis. In response to this feedback, each Monday the blog will now be updated with what we will be learning in the week ahead. This way you may be able to prompt your child with questions such as ‘I hear you have learnt about ______ this week?’ and hopefully engage them in some conversation about what they have been learning.

For example, this week in literacy we are beginning to put actions to, and learn, our new story, ‘A New Home For a Pirate’. Perhaps you could ask your child to tell you any of the parts they remember so far?

In maths we are trying to complete missing number addition problems, such as 3 + _ = 6. We will be moving on to using the language of ‘more than’, ‘less than’, ‘fewer’, ‘most’, ‘least’ and ‘equal’ later in the week.

In ICT we will be finishing drawing pictures of poppies, which we started last week, as well as using the iPads to research Remembrance day.

In RE we are continuing to look at Hindu stories.

In science we are looking at the four seasons, and the months and events that fall within these.

In history we will be continuing to learn about Folkestone during World War I.

In art we will be printing repeating patterns.

In PE we will be doing yoga and dance, which will remain the same throughout the term. We also have a gymnastics session on Wednesday.

On top of all of this we also have a Remembrance Service tomorrow (Tuesday), and we have two sessions in the hall to practise our Christmas play (-more news on this will be coming soon!)

We hope this will give you a better understanding of your child’s learning this week, and some possible topics of conversation to engage them in (for example, you could ask which of the seasons their birthday falls, or what they know about Folkestone in World War I).

Please remember you can comment on the blog and share any conversations you’ve had with your children about their learning: Mr Langley and I would love to hear about these! 🙂


Miss Waggett.


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