Week beginning 19th January

Week beginning 19th January

I must start this week by saying a big thank you to those of you who came to the Come and See event last week: the turnout in year 1 was great and we received a lot of positive feedback about the children’s work, as well as lovely messages for the children’s books. We must agree that the children have been working very hard indeed!

Hopefully by now the children will have shared some of the story The Way Back Home with you: they have learnt it so confidently in a short space of time. Today they will be drawing their own story map of the story and they will be beginning to write the story themselves this week, with a particular focus on using descriptive words/adjectives to describe the setting of the story.

The children got on really well with reading and drawing clocks in maths last week and are able to discuss the position of the hands on a clock when the time is an o’clock or half past time. This week we are moving onto measuring: over the next two weeks this will include measuring lengths/heights, mass/weight, and volume/capacity.

In science this week we will also be moving onto a new topic, which is plants. This is a topic that we will come back to at various points of the year, along with seasonal change.

In ICT we will hopefully have the opportunity to programme Beebots, which we’re sure the children will really enjoy!

In history we have now completed our space travel timelines and will be looking a bit more specifically this week at the timeline of Neil Armstrong’s life.

In DT we will be using junk modelling to make our own rockets; thinking carefully about which materials will join well together, and how we will join them. On this note, any spare cardboard boxes, drinks bottles etc. would be greatly received between now and Friday! Thank you.

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  1. I’m really proud of my sister Mirabelle she showed me her rocket!!