Week beginning 23rd March

Week beginning 23rd March

This week:

Having finished our tales of defeating monsters in literacy, we are now looking at persuasive language and persuasive writing; this takes various forms, but this week we will be looking at, and thinking about, adverts. We will even be writing our own advert for a castle.

In maths last week we returned to addition and subtraction, and the various procedures and resources that can be used. We moved this on to adding money, and will be looking at subtraction in terms of finding how much change someone may be owed if they overpay. We have been thinking a lot about mathematical concepts in year 1, which means we won’t just be learning HOW to find the amount of change someone is owed, but also understanding WHY they are owed that amount.

In science we will be continuing to learn about animals: we are looking at each animal type in a bit more depth, with one focus per lesson. Last week we learnt a bit more about birds. I wonder which animal type we might be focusing on this week? Can your children name the other 4 animal types?

For those of you who do not know/have not heard the song yet, in Spanish we are currently learning the numbers 1-10. Please do ask your children to sing the song to you if they haven’t already: they’ve picked up the vocabulary and the tune so quickly, and they do love to sing! 🙂

In ICT we will be continuing to learn how to make cards on the computer.

We also have two special afternoons planned this week: the first one is our ‘Curious Questions’ afternoon, which will see Foundation Stage and Year 1 mixing together tomorrow, to ask and answer questions suggested by the children themselves. The other special afternoon will be on Thursday, but that’s going to remain a surprise for now. 🙂


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