Week beginning 9th February

Week beginning 9th February

This week:

In literacy we are continuing to look at non-fiction texts and their features (such as captions, labels and contents pages -why not ask us what each of these are and see how well we have remembered them so far?). At the end of the week we will be writing a Cold Task, ready for our new topic to begin next term (I can’t give away what it is just yet though!)

In maths last week we did a great job of halving shapes and numbers and now know that when we halve a number we always share it between, or divide it by, 2. This week we are moving on to quarters, and learning that to find one quarter of a number we have to share the number between 4.

In science we will be using a key to describe and compare plants, and we will be mixing in a bit of maths, using language such as more, less, longer and shorter.

Tomorrow is ‘Safer Internet Day 2015’, so our ICT lesson will focus around this.

In RE we are learning about the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. We are going to pretend that we are newspaper reporters and report on the story ourselves!

In geography we will be looking at landmarks from around the country.

In PE we will be having our last football and dance lessons of the term.

Finally, in DT we will be making those space buggies that we began to plan and design last week. (Please keep the unwanted recycling coming until Friday! Thank you! :))

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