Week beginning 9th March

Week beginning 9th March

This week:

In literacy we are continuing to write our version of ‘Billy the Brave Knight’; remembering each part of the story, and writing it with the substitutions that we made last week. Once we have completed the story we will begin to write our very own story: it will have Billy the Brave Knight in it, but the rest is up to us! Time to get those thinking caps on…!

In maths we will be exploring number patterns, including odd and even numbers. Perhaps you could ask your children if they know what these are. Can they give some examples of numbers that are odd and numbers that are even? How do they know which are which?

In science we will be continuing to learn about animals. We’re hoping to go for a look around outside, so fingers crossed the weather stays as nice for us as it was over the weekend!

In music we will be putting together all of the lines of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ that we have learnt, and playing it from beginning to end, in time with each other.

In ICT we will be continuing to learn about making cards on the computer.

In history we will be learning about how and why castles changed over time.

In Spanish we will be learning some new vocabulary and a new song; but it’s remaining a surprise for now!

In circle time on Friday we will be talking about things that have made us proud this week. We had a go at doing this last week and we thought of some really lovely things, although some of us found it a little tricky. Perhaps over the course of the week you could talk to your children about things that they’re proud of, and things they do that make you proud. 🙂

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