World Book Day with the Starfish!

World Book Day with the Starfish!

Today has been a GREAT day! All of the Starfish looked fantastic in their fancy dress for World Book Day. We had a lovely day which included a morning parade. We were able to show off our costumes to the rest of the school!

WOBD 166

After that, we spent time in the classroom doing a drama activity, where we pretended to be our character. Some of our answers to questions were very imaginative!

WOBD 053 WOBD 057 WOBD 062 WOBD 069 WOBD 079

In the afternoon, we spent time writing a letter as if we were ‘Mummy Pig’ from ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ and we drew pictures of a scene from ‘The 3 Little Pigs’. We got to choose which drawing tools we wanted to use for this.

WOBD 148 WOBD 147 WOBD 154 WOBD 159 WOBD 144 WOBD 146 WOBD 151


We had so much fun!

WOBD 133 WOBD 140 WOBD 139

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  1. How AAAMMMMAAAZZZZIINNNGGG you all look!!!!! I can see a mysterious donkey in the background!!! It wasn’t the big Wolf from the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story secretly dressed up was it? ooohhhh!!!

    Well Done Starfish!